Restaurant “Lavash” has opened its doors on the 2nd of April, 2017. It is located at 21 Tumanyan Street, in Yerevan. “Lavash” is one of the most special restaurants of Yerevan. With its colors it brings new energy to the capital, while presenting the Armenian cuisine in new approaches and appearance.

 “Lavash” was established in the concept of “Farm to table”. In 2017 Yeremyan Projects started cooperating with farms, for the purpose of buying the ingredients directly from farmers, making them demanded by restaurants and serving fresh and quality products to the guests.

 Fresh agricultural produce was not only used by the restaurants, it was available for the visitors of “Lavash” store that now sells the products of Yeremyan Projects’ farms.

 A restaurant with warm and hospitable environment, “Lavash” offers Armenian traditional cuisine and most popular dishes of the regional cuisine to its guests. It regularly upgrades its diverse menu.

“Lavash” is famous for serving breakfasts. Armenian traditional, rich breakfast occupies a special place in the menu. It includes lavash wrap with various fillings, fresh dairy products, dry fruits, and dishes with raisins, halva, jams, tea, fruits and the signature dish of “Lavash”, sweets prepared by special recipes.

 The tondir is on the ground floor. The Armenian bread is cooked there. You can follow the process, and buy some hot bread and gata for your home.

 The brand store of the company on the first floor offers fresh agricultural products: eggs, diverse assortment of Yeremyan Projects’ products, half-prepared products from Artsakh processing plant of Yeremyan Projects: tolma, dumplings, ishli kyufta, meat wraps and marinades.

 “Lavash” is one of the favorite restaurants of Yerevan residents and guests of the capital. “Lavash” is a symbol of culture, colors and hospitality. 


21 Tumanyan St.

010 608 800 / 091 608 800