“Sherep” started serving on 10th of November 2017. It is located in the heart of the Capital; quite symbolically at 1 Amiryan Street, in the neighborhood of the Republic Square where Café Armenia used to work before. 

The name of the restaurant, Sherep (the ladle) was not selected accidentally, as the ladle is the main and one of the most important tools of the cook, but also the symbol of mastery.

The menu of Sherep does not reflect any national cuisine or culinary tradition. It contains the interesting and unique favorites of many countries, served in interpretation of the cooks at Sherep. 

The restaurant has a large and open kitchen and the guests may follow the process of preparation of their orders, may talk to the cooks and evaluate their mastery and talents.

From the first day of its existence Sherep has been organizing special gastronomical events. Hosting renowned chefs, including Michelin star chefs from different countries. Establishment of “four hands” set menus and organization of “Ladle Fight” cooks’ tournament are traditions at Sherep.

According to the formed tradition, the famous chefs hosted at Sherep bring new dishes to the menu and exchange initialed ladles with the Chef of Sherep.


1 Amiryan St.

010 600 880 / 043 608 880