On January 10, 2021, “Yeremyan Projects” came up with a new brand for burger fans, the "Burgery Angus & More". The "Burgery Angus & More" is located in the heart of Capital Yerevan, at 3/37 Amiryan Street.

"Burgery" is a completely new and exclusive concept of fast food in Armenia, offering the highest quality of food to the fast food lovers.

"Burgery’s" main strength is the fresh and quality ingredients of the burgers. The burgers at the restaurant made of organic and high quality Angus meat at "Yeremyan Projects" farm. The buns baked by a special recipe developed by our chefs, which means high class flour and no preservatives.

"Burgery " also host a retail store for brand products of "Yeremyan Products", offering a great variety of half-prepared products of its Artsakh Plant and ingredients required for making burgers at home, i.e. the meat and the buns, but also the fresh and tasty dairy and meat products.

"Burgery Angus & More" offers not only a variety of juicy burgers, but pastry and sweets created by the patissiers of "Yeremyan Projects".

The burgers at "Burgery Angus & More" can be delivered by "Yeremyan Delivery" service, at +374 10 600 006.


3/37 Amiryan St․

+374 43 997700