In June 2021, SEASONS Restaurant, Sweetland & Gelateria, opens its doors as a part of Yeremyan Projects.

Four seasons: spring, fall, summer, and winter, are excellent sources of inspiration.

The concept of “All Seasons for You,” adopted by SEASONS, offers ideas and perspectives for each season, making the project attractive and exciting for the guests throughout the whole year.

THE SEASONS project includes:

The SEASONS restaurant has an exciting and rich menu, where you can experience the rollercoaster of tastes and emotions. Here we present the most delicious and unique dishes selected from various cuisines around the world.

SEASONS SWEETLAND confectionery and SEASONS GELATERIA present pastries branded by Yeremyan Projects and ice cream made by Yeremyan Products high-quality dairy. Here the most delicious, tasteful, and beautiful pastries will be delivered to your service.

Chocolate and pastries reflect the talent, unbridled creativity, and bright imagination of Yeremyan Projects chef pâtissier Anahit Mikayelyan. You can order the branded SEASONS SWEETLAND cakes for any occasion or order them takeaway in beautiful packaging, take them home, or as a gift.

The delicious SEASONS pastries are served with delightful coffee or high-quality Dammann Frères tea, the largest and oldest tea producer in France.

SEASONS CAFE is an open cafe with delicious and unique Italian cuisine. One can try the Italian dishes prepared by Yeremyan Projects chefs and Italy flavored pizzas and pasta. There will also be an exciting bar in the cafe, with specialty cocktails and pleasant evening lounge music. The SEASONS park is also managed by Yeremyan Projects.

The green park, with its ultramodern fountains, is the best location during all seasons. Many exciting and engaging events are planned in the park with fountain lighting and laser shows. Evening music programs will give Yerevan a vibrant and lively atmosphere for the locals and the guests of the town.


15/5 Mashtots Ave.

043 709 070