“Artsakh” plant

The “ARTSAKH” processing plant of “Yeremyan Projects” is located in Yerevan, at 123 Artsakh Street.


The plant has production sections for half-prepared food, preserved food, Armenian traditional stew (Khash), dairy and meat products. All the food produced for the restaurants of “Yeremyan Projects”, vegetables, fruits and berries, is processed at Artsakh processing plant that produces all the preserved food, compotes, jams and half-prepared food and supplies them to the restaurants of the company.


The milk and cheese production sections, equipped with modern production lines and testing laboratories are also at “Artsakh” processing plant. These sections process the high quality dairy products and provide for the packaging for Yeremyan Products.

The diversity of Yeremyan Products’ dairy and meat products, as well as the half-prepared food produced at the plant, the tolma, the dumplings, ishli kyufta, meat wraps and pickles are sold at a retail point, on the ground floor of Lavash Restaurant.

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