Yeremyan Products

In the framework of its agricultural activity, in 2020 “Yeremyan Projects” established a production of high-quality milk and dairy products. In April of the same year the company introduced a new brand of “Yeremyan Products” that represents the high-quality milk, dairy and meat produced at farm in Vayots Dzor.


Since 2019 “Yeremyan Projects” has been operating a farm of purebred Fleckvieh, Holstein, Angus and Jersey stud cows, imported from Europe.

“Yeremyan Products” applies European standard technologies and methods of operating its production farms, due to which milk and dairy products are in compliance with European quality requirements.


Automatic milking system ensures the highest quality of milk produced by “Yeremyan Products”. The milk travels in a close cycle from the special section and through 2 filters to the refrigerator, then transported in a special vehicle to the milk processing section of Artsakh plant in Yerevan. Here the milk undergoes a number of laboratory tests and processes, ranging from pasteurization to packaging.

The brand of “Yeremyan Products” has a wide variety of dairy, meat and ready-to-cook food: pure natural milk, sour cream, matzoon, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter also cheese assortment: lori, suluguni, mozzarella, ricotta, burrata which you can find at the retail store of “Lavash” and “Burgery” restaurants and supermarkets of Yerevan. For delivery please call: 010 600 006.

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Yeremyan Products: nutritious, healthy and delicious. Made in Armenia.

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