On October 17, 2021 "Yeremyan Projects" company presented “Renommée” restaurant with conceptually new approach. “Renommée” is located at 91 Pavstos Buzand street, on upper floor of the Italian restaurant "Casa Nostra" by "Yeremyan Projects" in Seasons Park, a place for leisure and entertainment.

“Renommée” is an exceptional restaurant in Armenia offering haute cuisine to its guests. Real gourmets who know the intricacies of the art of creating haute cuisine will appreciate the signature dishes of the restaurant. “Renommée” is a restaurant with 26 seats. Here the guests are introduced to dinner with 8-12 unique dishes, author's set menu, selection of the best wines, unique service, individual approach. Restaurant starts serving at 18:00 pm.

"Unique" - under this symbolic motto, “Renommée” is presented, because here special importance is attached to the products from which the signature dish is created, with unexpected and wonderful taste combinations, as well as the range of wines paired properly with the served food, in an individual approach to every guest and with an exclusive style of service rendered. 

“Renommée” bears symbolism as a name for the restaurant, as it means reputation, in translation from French. This restaurant is the best proof of the reputation, honor and authority earned by “Yeremyan Projects” over the years of work.


91 Buzand St., 2-nd floor

+374 99 544433