Soon “Yeremyan Projects” will present Renommée, a restaurant with conceptually new approach. Renommée is located at 91 Pavstos Byuzand Street, on upper floor of its “Casa Nostra” Italian restaurant in Yerevan Park, a place for leisure and entertainment.

Visiting Renommée is an exclusive experience. It offers haute cuisine to the visitors. The true adepts of gastronomy, people who love and appreciate the high professionalism of the cooks and know the delicacies of cooking and serving haute cuisine, will value the unique signature dishes offered on the menu. 

Renommée can host 20 guests at a time. A preset 12-14 item menu of signature dishes will be offered to the guests. Restaurant will start serving at 19:00. 

... Unique. This moto typically characterizes Renommée, as it uses the best ingredients to produce truly unexpected and amazing combinations of flavors and offers a good variety of wine, paired properly with the served food, in an individual approach to every guest and with an exclusive style of service rendered. 

Renommée bears symbolism as a name for the restaurant, as it means reputation or image. This restaurant is the best proof of image, respect and reputation earned by “Yeremyan Projects” through years of work.