The Road of Flavours

“Road of flavors” is an introductory documentary, produced in 2018, by Artak Igityan, an Armenian director who lives in Russia and is a member of the union and guild of cinematographers of the Russian Federation.

The film was inspired by the idea of restoring and preserving traditional recipes of Armenian cuisine, identifying the secrets of cooking those dishes unique to different regions of Armenia, symbols of cuisine of those regions and transforming or modernizing them in accordance with modern culinary approaches at Yerevan Projects. 

The goal of “Road of flavors” is to put Armenian cuisine, Armenian culinary traditions and hospitality on the map, promote the development of gastronomical tourism to Armenia, improve the knowledge about Armenian cuisine among the tourists and the residents of Armenia.

The main characters of the film are David Yeremyan, CEO and founder of Yeremyan Projects and Brand Chef, Zoro Ispiryan, who visit the villages and towns of Armenia and Artsakh in search of traces of various flavors, while identifying the specificities of cooking and serving the famous dishes of Armenian cuisine. 

The film, in essence, is a map of flavors of Armenia. Every episode shows the traditions and culture of hospitality that passed through centuries and is unique to Armenians. The film shows the famous recipes that reached us through millennia, ghapama, harisa, khorvou, lobachash, wild sorrel soup, zhengyal bread, pakhlava and gata.

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