Our History

“Yeremyan Projects” is one of the leaders in restaurant business of Armenia. The company was established by restaurateur David Yeremyan. Throughout seventeen years of its activity, the company created and implemented over ten daring, unique and conceptual projects and had a great investment in developing the restaurant business in Armenia. 

The whole philosophy of Yeremyan Projects is in the motto “Work starts with a dream”, as any project idea is based on preserving the valuable and creating new, the dream of presenting Yerevan and Armenia in a colorful and diverse fashion. “Yeremyan Projects” unites the restaurant brands well-known by the residents of Yerevan and the guests of the Capital into one brand. ”Burgery”, Italian “Casa Nostra”, “Smoking Chef” steak house, “Livingston” haute cuisine restaurant, “Tavern Yerevan Riverside”, “Tavern Yerevan” and “Yerevan Shaurma” fast food chain are among them. On October 17, 2021 "Yeremyan Projects" company presented “Renommée” restaurant with conceptually new approach. “Renommée” is an exceptional restaurant offering haute cuisine to its guests. 

The Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality is among numerous establishments created by “Yeremyan Projects”. The educational and training curricula of the academy for students and professionals of the sector were approved and validated by City of Oxford, an exclusive partner of the Academy. 

Since 2019 “Yeremyan Projects” has been involved in the project of serving food for the armed forces of Armenia, which is not merely a business for the company, but a privilege and a mission. The company launched a new strategy for business development in 2020, based on its concept of “From seeds to the table”, ensuring a full cycle of supply. It is in the framework of the above mentioned concept that the company created the stud cattle breeding farm in Vayots Dzor region, the swine farm in Tavush region, the fodder mill in Ararat region, “Artsakh” processing plant in Yerevan that processes the high-quality milk, dairy and meat of “Yeremyan Products”, produced at the farms of the company.

The company often comes up with brave and even crazy ideas and initiatives that may sound impossible, but serve well the mission and goals of the company. When implementing any project, the team of “Yeremyan Projects” followed the principles of quality services for the guests, rendered in individual approach.