Gastro Couture

GASTRO COUTURE show took place on the 17th of October 2019, at Karen Demirchyan Complex.

GASTRO COUTURE is an exclusive fashion show, organized through a joint initiative by Yeremyan Projects and Harmony Yerevan fashion house, inspired by the conceptual perception of traditional Armenian food, colors and hospitality in general. Its purpose is to present the traditional Armenian cuisine in a new fashion, in form of fusion. 

A unique merger of two creative worlds, the fashion and the cuisine gave birth to GASTRO COUTURE, inspired by the national cuisine and culture.

GASTRO COUTURE is based on the idea and customs of the royal feast; demonstrating in the first part the process of cooking for the feast and arranging the tables. Lavash, ghapama, wild sorrel, zhengyal bread, gata, harisa and other ingredients and dishes of Armenian cuisine were used. The importance and aesthetics of the preparations for visiting a restaurant were underlined. Characters taking part in the feast served by a high-class restaurant were presented in apparel that reflected the cuisine of a given restaurant.

Mysteries of the GASTRO planet and trends in COUTURE are two worlds of creative mind, metal and velvet, fire and silk, devotion and soul, cuisine and fashion. This is the case when the manifestation of high professionalism by masters delivers the unique, new, impressive and tasty.

GASTRO COUTURE is tasty fashion and fashionable cooking.

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