Tavern Yerevan

Tavern Yerevan restaurant chain was established in 2006; it was the first restaurant project by Yeremyan Projects and is the main brand.

Years of history of the network are reflected in the colors and work of «Khorenatsi», «Paronyan», «Amiryan», «Teryan» and «Riverside» branches of the restaurant.

Tavern Yerevan was born in its love to the capital with the kind slogan of “We love Yerevan” and with the dream of making Yerevan one of the most hospitable and colorful corners of the world.

“Tavern Yerevan” has been one of the most favorite places for the residents and guests of the Capital since the day of its establishment. The best way to get acquainted with Armenian cuisine and feel the spirit of Armenian culture, the tourists choose Tavern Yerevan, where they can taste the diverse flavors of Armenian traditional dishes and enjoy Armenian folk music.

The goal of the team of cooks at Tavern Yerevan is to preserve and develop the culinary mastery and culture of the national cuisine, restore the forgotten recipes, serve them to the guests in a new fashion and promote the recognizability of the Armenian cuisine in the world.

The menu of Tavern Yerevan is full of various dishes that reached us through centuries and embraced the culture of the Armenian people. The menu contains also new recipes and the favorites of Caucasian cuisine, served in unique interpretation and signature.


91 Teryan St.

010 508 800 / 096 508 800

5 Amiryan St.

010 545 545 / 099 545 545

7 Paronyan St.

010 530 563 / 091 530 563

29/2 Khorenatsi St.

010 582 512 / 099 550 466