Mission / Vision


To ensure the continuous development of the restaurant industry by implying the position of the leader of that industry in Armenia through various innovative initiatives, while preserving the rich traditions of the Armenian national cuisine and the culture of hospitality.


To be the leader of the Armenian restaurant industry, to become the representative of the unique Armenian culinary and hospitality culture, thus the ambassador of the Armenian culture to the whole world.



In all relations and collaborations, we are guided only by the principles of honesty and justice, we are open and transparent in all our actions.



We maintain strict and precise standards and supply the market with competitive and quality products and services. We follow quality standards, regardless of the nature of the business or project.



We maintain the team spirit, as well as the respectful and cooperative atmosphere while promoting and developing the professional growth and professionalism of the staff. We appreciate the dedication, organization and discipline which form the basis of effective teamwork.


We are responsible for the effective development of gastronomy, hospitality, agriculture, vocational education, tourism and food production in the country. In our actions and activities, we show a high sense of responsibility and reliability.


We are open to different cultures and ideas, we accept new challenges and evaluate constructive opinions and suggestions. We follow trends while applying innovative solutions.