Mission, vision, values


To sustain the continuous development of the restaurant industry in Armenia, as well as to enter the international market to represent the rich traditions of the national cuisine with the development and innovative approaches of the industry leader Yeremyan Projects, based on the seed-to-table concept, exceptional service quality and the Yeremyan culture of hospitality.

To increase the production of agri-food value chains (meat and dairy products) with the application of new-generation agricultural technologies in pedigree cattle breeding, providing a high-quality standard and contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture in Armenia.


To become an ambassador of the Armenian culinary culture and hospitality sector development in Armenia and throughout the world, to export the Company’s achievements.

To be the leader in pedigree cattle breeding, promoting the production of quality meat and dairy products in our country.



Our highest value is the person; the team is the key to success. In work, we value dedication, creative potential, professionalism, strong will, and a cooperative atmosphere.

New culture

We are creating a new culture in the sphere of food consumption and service, informing wide parts of society about the importance of diet and quality products essential for daily life activities, and the aesthetics of hospitality.


We contribute to the effective development of agriculture, gastronomy and hospitality, professional education, tourism, and food production spheres in Armenia by creating centers of excellence, and organizing courses and lectures.


The business culture of Yeremyan Projects is the synonym with high quality. Regardless of the nature and challenges of the projects, we provide quality products and superior services, which prove their competitiveness under the consumers’ magnifying glass.


Innovation is at the core of Yeremyan Projects. We use the latest technologies and equipment in agriculture, food processing, and other spheres, encouraging creative initiative and freedom of our employees.

We are always ready for challenges that lead us through the path of new cultures and the realization of bold ideas.