Cattle farm in Jermuk

In 2019, in the framework of its “From seeds to the table” concept, “Yeremyan Projects” established a farm in Vayots Dzor region, equipped with modern technology and machinery, to breed purebred Fleckvieh, Holstein, Angus and Jersey cows imported from Europe.


The farm ensures all the conditions for growing, care, feeding and reproduction of these animals.


The feeding process is automated on our farm. A feed mixer provides an optimal mixture of highland grass, fresh and juicy greens grown in a hydroponic system and alfalfa, which is processed at the feeding station of the company and supplied to the farms.


All the rules of hygiene are well maintained when taking care of the animals. Regular disinfections are carried out, water is supplied automatically; there are rubber pads for rest, automatic brushes, filters, air ventilation systems and manure removal. The farm is equipped with a fully automatic milking section. Regular checks of udder health are also performed.

The cattle breeding complex established by the efforts of the whole team and the specialists of the company is one of a kind not only in Armenia, but in the region by its equipment and technologies and is an example of modern farming. The farm produces high-quality milk, which is processed at Artsakh cheese and dairy processing plant and then to the consumers in a rich diversity of products: milk, sour cream, matzoon, yogurt, cheese and butter.

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