Yeremyan Academy

On the 8th of April 2019 “Yeremyan Projects” founded the Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, the main goal of which is to produce high quality specialists for the local and international markets, but also to find and train the talented cooks. The mission of the Academy in Armenia is the development of culinary and service personnel and improvement of reputation of these professions.

Knowledge, purpose and soul are the recipe for your success!

City of Oxford College is an exclusive partner of “Yeremyan Academy”. The College has certified and validated the curricula of the Academy.

The Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality is a center of professional excellence that implements educational programs of various duration and formats, both for newbies and specialists. The educational programs are:

  1. Culinary arts, including cooking lessons for newcomers and professional training for experienced cooks;
  2. Patisserie, basic skills and professional training for pastry chefs,
  3. Restaurant management
  4. Service

Armenia’s leading and experienced specialists teach at the Academy.

Contacts: +374 012 405060, +374 43 588000.

Students of the Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality learn both theory and practice of their future professional activity and obtain leadership and communication skills, learn foreign languages, culture of relationship and other skills required in the sector of food and services. The Academy is equipped with the latest technology used in the modern kitchens of the world's finest restaurants.

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