Smoking Chef

Since May 2019, the “Smoking Chef” steakhouse has been included in the list of restaurants of the “Yeremyan Projects” company. The company, while maintaining the conceptual focus of the steakhouse, continued the activities of the restaurant with a unique style and approach, replenishing the menu with new original dishes, implementing complex changes in management and service.

The restaurant “Smoking Chef” is located at the intersection of Saryan and Pushkin streets, at 51 Pushkin. This is one of the favorite places for connoisseurs of exquisite steaks, where even the most fastidious guest will find a meat dish to suit his taste.

In the “Smoking Chef” steak house, connoisseurs of steaks know all the secrets and subtleties of cooking and serving high-marble juicy steaks.

“Smoking Chef” presents premium steaks made from first-class meat of red and black angus, which are bred on the farm of "Yeremyan Projects" company. The guarantee of a tasty and juicy steak in steakhouse is both high-quality meat and technologies for its processing and preparation.

Here the steak is cooked on natural charcoal in a special Josper oven, which is one of the important factors in preserving the taste and proper roasting.

At the steakhouse with the slogan "A glass of meat, a piece of wine" you can taste marble rib-eye, striploin prime angus, filet mignon, porter house, prime T-bone, top blade, flank steak, as well as choose the appropriate wine from a rich assortment.

The “Smoking Chef” steakhouse menu presents a wide selection of steaks, various meat dishes, seafood, side dishes, salads, as well as unique desserts.


51 Pushkin St.

+374 98 670505