Smoking Chef

Smoking Chef steak house became a part of Yeremyan Projects’ network in May 2019. Yeremyan Projects maintained the conceptual character of the Smoking Chef, but continued serving in own interpretation and style, amended the menu with new and unique dishes, changed the management and the service.

Smoking Chef is located at the intersection of Saryan and Pushkin streets, at 51 Pushkin. It is one of the most preferred locations for gourmets and steak lovers, ready to satisfy the most capricious palates.

Everyone at Smoking Chef is a steak expert, who fully masters the secrets and delicacies of cooking and serving marble meat juicy steaks.

Smoking Chef steak house offers premium class steaks, cooked with premium meat of black and red Angus bred at the farm of Yeremyan Projects. The prerequisites for preparing a tasty and juicy steak are the quality meat, its processing and cooking technologies.

Steaks at Smoking Chef are cooked on charcoal and in a special oven (the Hosper), as the main tools to ensure flavor and decide the cooking level.

You can go for a marble rib-eye, prime Angus strip loin, filet mignon, porterhouse, prime T-bone, top blade, flank steak at the steak house with the slogan “A glass of meat and a piece of wine”. The rich diversity of wine will offer the best match for your choice of a steak.

The menu at Smoking Chef is diverse: steaks, meat dishes, seafood, side dishes, salads and special desserts.


51 Pushkin St.

098 670 505