Yerevani Shaurma

The fast food chain "Yerevani Shaurma" was established in 2014 with two branches, 91 Teryan (in neighborhood of Teryan branch of Tavern Yerevan) and 92/2 Khorenatsi (on the ground floor of Tavern Yerevan Khorenatsi branch).

"Yerevani Shaurma" transforms the traditional perceptions of fast food, as it uses high-quality fresh meat of local production, produced on the farms of “Yeremyan Projects”. 

In the fast food chain "Yerevani Shaurma" you can try different kinds of shaurma, as well as a variety of delicious pies with meat, cheese, jam, potatoes, cabbage, curd, mushrooms and other fillings. You may order dishes of "Yerevani Shaurma" through "Yeremyan Delivery" by calling 010 600 006.


91 Teryan St.

+374 10 508808 / +374 43 508808

29/2 Khorenatsi St.

+374 10 582512 / +374 99 550466