Food for Army

In February 2019, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia decided to implement a pilot project of outsourcing the organization of food at military bases and positions of the RA Armed Forces to private companies, one of which was “Yeremyan Projects”.

The menu for the soldiers was developed in consideration of experience and standards of other countries. The main goal was to sustain the quality and diversity of food. The team of “Yeremyan Projects” has nutritionists, who follow the defined standards and ensure the food diversity. 

In the framework of this initiative “Yeremyan Projects” cooperates with farms and farmers in Armenia and Artsakh, in order to guarantee fresh and natural food for the soldiers. 

In order to expedite the cooking process and improve the quality of the food, “Yeremyan Projects” provided equipment and cutlery for the kitchens of Artsakh military bases, furnished the dining area by providing modern, state of the art equipment and accessories.

The company established a task force that visited the military bases in Artsakh in order to train and support their colleagues in obtaining new and perfecting the existing professional skills. About 400 new workplaces were established for the implementation of this project.

“Yeremyan Projects” was committed to investing all the efforts necessary for organizing food for all the military bases under the command of the RA Ministry of Defense. This is not a business, but a privilege and a mission for the company.

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