Pig farm in Dilijan

In 2019 Yeremyan Projects established a swine breeding farm in Dilijan, to launch a production of high-quality meat products and supplying its restaurants with only local and high nutritional value meat products, in the framework of its “From seeds to the table” philosophy.

Purebred Canadian swine species (Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc), imported from Europe are bred at the farm.

The swine farm is in compliance with all international standards of food production and quality. The animals are kept in conditions of full sanitary control, regular disinfection and automatic water suppliers, filters and air ventilation are installed.

The fresh and high-quality meat is supplied to the restaurants of Yeremyan Projects. This meat is also used to produce meat products and ready-to-cook food under the brand of Yeremyan Products.

The project should pursue a number of paramount goals: full control of the meat quality, creation of a farm in Armenia that may become exemplary and a stimulus for other farms and of course, development of local production.

Yeremyan Projects success story break the agricultural stereotypes that persist in Armenia and prove that effective management, precision in calculations, rigorous discipline and diligence may push the development of this pivotal and perspective branch of Armenian economy.

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