Feed mill in Aralez

In 2019, “Yeremyan Projects” built a feed mill in Aralez community of Ararat region, in the framework of its “From seed to table” concept. The mill uses a feed mixer that produces an optimal mixture of highland, highly nutritional grass that grows in the mountains and alpine meadows of Armenia, fresh greens obtained through hydroponics and juicy alfalfa. After processing this mixture is supplied to the stud swine and bovine farms of Yeremyan Projects. Each of the ingredients in the produced feed plays a role in ensuring the quality and nutritional value of meat and milk produced on these farms.


By building the feed mill Yeremyan Projects completed the implementation of the “From seed to table” concept, the goal of which is to supply only fresh products to its restaurants and to control the quality thereof. The same concept served as the auspices for investing in agriculture in 2018-2019 and launching 2 large projects on establishment of a swine farm in Tavush and a stud bovine farm in Vayots Dzor. In order to serve high quality dairy and meat to consumers in Armenia and high quality food to the guests of the restaurants, Yeremyan Projects purchased modern equipment for its farms, imported genetically valuable, purebred, meat and dairy animal breeds.

The proper feeding of the animals is one of the guarantees of high quality produce; hence Yeremyan Projects built the feed mill in Aralez community that would close the sustainability cycle by ensuring feed rich with nutrition, vitamins and enzymes.

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